Exciting news from UBC-UAEM

The last few months have been extremely exciting for UBC-UAEM!

Most importantly, we have had two very successful meetings with UBC administration: President Stephen Toope, VP Research John Hepburn, UILO Director Angus Livingstone, and others joined us to discuss our goals. We are delighted to report that they have been very receptive and encouraging, and are already in the process of developing a plan to ensure that UBC research has a greater impact on global health.

We have also convened an Advisory Board, composed of UBC faculty, staff, and other professionals who share our goals, and whose experience and advice will be invaluable resources for us in the future. We held our inaugural Advisory Board meeting last week, and came away with some great feedback on our current plans, as well as a host of wonderful new ideas for the future.

Finally, we have continued our educational efforts:

  • On May 5, we gave a presentation to International Health Program students at the biannual general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, in Victoria. The IHP students were very interested in our work, and we will be collaborating with them in the near future to strengthen UAEM’s activities at universities across Canada.

UBC-UAEM will continue its work through the summer months. Our meetings are held every two weeks: if you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you at ubc.uaem@gmail.com.


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