UBC releases global access strategy draft

As promised, the University-Industry Liaison Office here at UBC recently published the first draft of its new global access strategy! The draft, entitled “A Global Perspective on the Impact of UBC Technologies”, outlines a preliminary strategy intended to maximize the social impact and global reach of UBC research discoveries. The UILO is seeking public feedback in order to ensure the guidelines will be realistic and effective, so be sure to participate in the discussion by sending them an e-mail, whether you have constructive criticism or just praise!

Every year, millions of people die — primarily in developing countries — because they lack access to existing medical treatments. Universities can help by ensuring, at the time that university-developed technologies are licensed, that the end products of the research will be made available to populations in impoverished countries. UBC is the first university in Canada to take action on this crucial issue, and UBC’s UILO is very much the leader in its field in Canada, so we hope this important step will lead to similar change across the country.

Read and comment on UBC’s global access strategy draft at www.uilo.ubc.ca/global_perspective.asp.

Read UBC-UAEM’s press release on this development here.


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