UBC global access principles finalized, publicized

We are very excited to announce that after several months of community consultation, the UBC University-Industry Liaison has finalized its global access principles. The finalized document, “Principles for Global Access to UBC Technologies”, can be seen at http://www.uilo.ubc.ca/global.asp.

Better yet, the ideas behind these principles have already influenced the licensing of three new UBC technologies: a peer-to-peer software technology with applications in medical school curriculum delivery, an E. coli vaccine technology, and a new less-toxic formulation of antifungal and anti-Leishmania drug Amphotericin B, all have global access terms in their licensing agreements.

UBC announced this initiative to the media this morning: see http://www.publicaffairs.ubc.ca/media/releases/2007/mr-07-102.html for the press release.

We applaud UBC’s leadership and initiative once again, and note that for this initiative to reach its full potential, it is crucial that other universities now act promptly on this global issue.


One response to “UBC global access principles finalized, publicized

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