John Sulston speaks at UBC

This morning at UBC, Sir John Sulston – Nobel Prize winner, a lead researcher on the human genome project, and Chair of the Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation – gave a stirring talk examining openness, collaboration, and ownership in science.  His talk should be available online in a few weeks.

In Dr. Sulston’s talk, he spoke quite strongly in support of UAEM’s advocacy work.  For those who were there and had their interest piqued, we at the UBC chapter invite you to learn more about us, the issues, and how you can get involved. (The organization at large also has its own site at

We’d also like to mention that UBC and its technology transfer office are, in fact, among the world’s leaders in terms of finding ways to license their technologies more equitably. Their principles are outlined on their web site. We’d love your help in winning over other universities to this idea, and in helping get the word out to the research community about this very exciting move on UBC’s part.


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