UAEM Express: Access to medicines news roundup for July 8th

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of UAEM Express – a weekly roundup of the latest access to medicines news and information.

Compulsory licensing of generic drugs remains mired in quagmires – CMAJ

The struggle to implement a workable model for generics licensing in Canada continues, while new IP developments in India mean its role as pharmacy to the developing world is changing.  Co-authored by UBC-UAEM alumna Goldis Chami.

South-South cooperation: Intellectual property and AIDS medicines – United Nations University

On the global reaction to recent access to medicines developments.  “The limits of the Canadian CAMR regime and the unwillingness of other industrialized countries to expand TRIPS flexibilities will leave most developing countries with the only option of pursuing South-South cooperation.”

TB & Me: Real stories of people living with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis – MSF

A series of blogs from MDR-TB patients in India, the Philippines, Swaziland, Uganda, and Australia sharing their experiences with treatment and other day-to-day challenges.  The bloggers are answering questions asked in the comments sections!

Free university offers online training for health care workers – Vancouver Sun

By funding global health research in Canada, we can help support and improve the health of people everywhere.  We need to get this message out to funding agencies, as well as the Canadian public.  This article profiles two BC-based global health projects that are moving forward thanks to new funding, including UBC’s own TB researcher Santiago Ramon-Garcia.   The article was featured prominently on page A2 of Thursday’s Vancouver Sun.  Co-authored by former McGill UAEMer and current UBC Journalism grad student Stephanie Law.  Much appreciation to Stephanie for getting the word out on this topic.

We Can End Malaria – Gates Foundation

Visualize the progress made against malaria with an interactive infographic.  Check out the relative contributions of different preventative and intervention strategies at the bottom of the map.

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