UAEM Express: Access to medicines news roundup for July 14th

Several items of interest from the past week:

UAEM submission to WHO Consultative Working Group (CEWG)
UAEM presents several models to increase global health impact of publicly-funded medical innovation: 1) global access licensing, 2) open research, development and publishing 3) patent pools, 4) de-linking R&D costs from drug prices. Authored by Unni Gopinathan and Bryan Collinsworth.

40,000 strong: How 2 UBC students rallied their student body behind an OA mandate – Right to Research Coalition
Goldis Chami and Gordana Panic on their efforts to convince UBC to make research publications more accessible: “We believe that such widespread student support for OA across our campus is significant, and want to leverage this to encourage the university to adopt an OA mandate in partnership with others.”

– Access to medicines problems in Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone
Over 300,000 people living with HIV in Zimbabwe are failing to access ARVs due to inadequate funding. A newspaper in Sierra Leone is reporting an acute shortage of TB drugs at local hospitals: patients have been without medication for months and hospitals are turning away new cases.

First meeting of BRICS health ministers brings new leadership to global health – UNAIDS
Universal access to medicines was a key topic of discussion at the first-ever meeting of health ministers from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) in Beijing. The ministers signed a “Beijing Declaration” committing the countries to work together to enhance medicine production capacity and expand access to medicines.

Poor countries set to benefit from patent agreement on AIDS drugs – Guardian
Major news as Gilead has agreed to enter several AIDS drugs into the Medicines Patent Pool. See here for a useful FAQ on the details of the Gilead deal. MSF has commented on the limitations of the agreement, particularly the exclusion of some middle-income countries.
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