October 12th Update


Hi everyone!

I hope all your exams are going well, and that rain is dampening no-ones spirits. The club has been been quite busy the last two weeks, and there are updates from several of the teams below. Note: some of these updates may or may have not been sent out already as individual emails:


Thanks to all of you who showed up at the meeting on Tuesday and have decided to join UAEM-UBC’s research team. I hope you had a rejuvenating long weekend. This is a follow up email from our team kick-off meeting on Tuesday:

1) It looks like the deadline for SLC presenters has passed already. So I’m not sure if we can get still persuade a researcher at UBC to talk on behalf of UAEM anymore as discussed in our last meeting.

2) Please join our virtual discussion board on Wiggio if you’d like to commit to be a part of UAEM-UBC’s reseach team.

Look forward to having a productive and fun research team !



Member Learning

So what we were thinking of doing was a CAMR/Global Access Licensing workshop.  Here’s what the event looks like right now.

5:05-5:15 CAMR reform: Current laws (CAMR), Bill C-393.  What has already been done about C-398, what still needs to happen?  How is the reform going to work exactly?  What are the current stances of the political parties on this issue?
 Case studies: 1) India and Novartis, 2) BRCA, 3) Yale/MSF and the antiviral drug that started it all.  We’ll be asking open-ended questions (e.g., Is it working?  Are there other ways to do this?)
5:30-5:45 Learn how to talk about UAEM: We’re getting people to pair up and practice giving the 5 min UAEM spiel to each other.

Any input/suggestions would be welcome.

Advocacy Team Update

The advocacy arm of the charitable organization Grandmothers to Grandmothers (GRAN) is organizing a rally in support of Bill C-398 on Nov. 1 from noon to 1pm in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the Robson Street Plaza. This is a Canada-wide event, and other GRAN chapters (and organizations that support Bill C-398) will be doing the same thing on Nov 1.

Please make the effort to come! As the two hours of debate on the bill will be on October 16th and November 21st, the timing of this event will be at a critical juncture, and so it is important to demonstrate our support.

UBC UAEM has cooperated and worked with GRAN in the past, and we want to have as many students come out as possible so that the media and the public will see that sending life-saving medicines to developing countries is an issue important to students and grandmothers alike

In the weeks leading up to the event, the Advocacy team will be trying to publicize the rally on campus and gather more signatures for the petition – More info to come on this!

Background Information about Bill C-398

Communications Team

The Communications team is still looking for members! Current members are encouradged to reply back to the email I sent out earlier! Currently the job of the communications team involves the following.

  • Weekly email: Deadline for information is Thursday at 9, email should be sent out by about 8 or 9 the following day. This will take around an hour to create.
  • Updating FB and Twitter. Not as used as email, but still a good way to convey information, currently the FB page is minimally active, while the Twitter is pretty dead.
  • Updating and maintaining website: It hasn’t been updated since around last fall, and is desperate need of a makeover. Its a WordPress site, so minimal coding is required. Link here: UBC-UAEM Site

Any contact information for the Teams can be found here: UAEM-Teams
Now onto upcoming events:

  • The Bi-Weekly General Meeting is coming up next Tuesday October 16th, 2012 at 5:30pm, in Irving Room 261 (Same room as last week).
  • As mentioned in the Advocacy update, there is an upcoming advocacy event organized by the Grandmother’s Advocacy Network (GRAN). The event takes place on November 1st at 12 noon at the Robson Square side of the Vancouver Art Gallery (details in the Advocacy section, and also attached).

If you’d like to learn more:

  • This article talks about how MSF has launched an online resource to help civil society and patient groups in developing countries challenge unwarranted drug patents.
  • An article in FT Heath covers NTD, the impact that these diseases have on countries growth, what is being done to combat the diseases on both a research and socio-political front.
  • One more article talks about open source drug discovery and how it can impact poverty, and also how a case study conducted demonstrated that implementations of the open source model can differ while still achieving the ultimate goal of obtaining high quality research at reduced costs.

Have a great weekend!
The UBC-UAEM Executive Team


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