October 20th Update

Hi everybody,

Thank you to all those that could make it out to the meeting on Tuesday. If you missed it, Ting-Chia prepared a quick recap of the meeting that was included in the Member Learning email for this week. If you didn’t get the email and would like to be contacted from now on, or would like to get involved in the issues discussed, feel free to contact her:

                   “As a recap of what happened this week, on Tuesday we held our very first Member Learning event!  The workshop was mainly focused on Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime and the bills that aim to reform it.  In addition to a talk about CAMR, we did a short case study of intellectual property and how it relates to accessibility of medical technology.  For all those that made it to Tuesday night, thanks for the stimulating discussion and for making the event a success!”
Now onto upcoming events:

  • A reminder that there is no general meeting this week.
  • Another reminder that there is an upcoming rally organized by the Grandmother’s Advocacy Network (GRAN). The event takes place on November 1st at 12 noon at the Robson Square side of the Vancouver Art Gallery. More information about this event can be found in your previous email, or on the website.
  • The next Member Learning event will be a part of the speakers’ series.  We have the pleasure of hosting a talk by Dr. Santiago Ramon-Garcia, a post-doctoral fellow at UBC.  He is part of the Centre for Tuberculosis Research and a member of the Neglected Global Diseases Initiative here on campus.  This talk will be on November 6th from 5:30-6:30 pm in Henry Angus Room 435.
If you’d like to learn more:
  • Be sure to read about how U.S Federal Court of Appeals has affirmed the rights of Myriad Genetics to hold patents on two of its discovered genes.
  • Yale students are putting pressure on their administration to relinquish an exclusive agreement with pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb, and make the AIDS drug they control, free for others to manufacture.
  • India’s patent office has refused to give patent rights to Novartis’ drug Gleevec, allowing generic drug manufactures to continue supplying India’s people with the drugs they need.
Have a great week!

The UBC-UAEM Executive


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