October 26th Update

Hi everybody,

Just a short update for this week!

A bit about bill C-398. Its very important that out Member’s of Parliament understand that the importance of this bill, and there is no better way to communicate this than by writing to your MP. Simple follow the information on this site to find out how to do that.

Upcoming events:

  • There will be a general meeting this coming Tuesday, 5:30 – 6:30pm, in Irving 261. This time will mainly be used to discuss conference and fundraising planning.
  • The rally for C-398 is this Thursday! Organized by the Grandmother’s Advocacy Network (GRAN), this event takes place on November 1st at 12 noon at the Robson Square side of the Vancouver Art Gallery. The goal of the rally is to show support and raise awareness for bill C-398. It would be awesome if you could attend, and even more awesome if you could spread the word about the bill and rally. Just post a quick status update, forward this email, or even put up copies of the attached poster, so that more people know about the event, anything you can do will help!
  • Another reminder about the next member learning event.  We have the pleasure of hosting a talk by Dr. Santiago Ramon-Garcia, a post-doctoral fellow at UBC.  He is part of the Centre for Tuberculosis Research and a member of the Neglected Global Diseases Initiative here on campus.  This talk will be on November 6th from 5:30-6:30 pm in Henry Angus Room 435.
  • The NGDI is hosting a talk by Dr. Clive Ondari on November 2nd from noon-1:00pm in Pharm 1101. Dr. Ondari has worked to improve the global access to medicine through leading activities in the evaluation of the quality of malaria medications in developing countries and coordinating the development of the first comprehensive WHO guidelines on malaria treatment. He also successfully secured the commitment of, and supported, key manufacturers to produce newer antimalarials and national regulatory agencies to strengthen their control on the market for antimalarial medicines. More information in the attached poster.
Have a great week!

The UBC-UAEM Executive


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