November 1st Update

Hi everybody,
First off, thank you to everybody who could make it to today’s rally downtown. The turnout was awesome, and the energy from everyone was fantastic. We’re hoping to get some photos up soon, perhaps for the next update!

Another big thank you to everybody that came out to the conference planning meeting on Tuesday, there were a lot of great ideas from everyone who attended, helping to shape the structure of the event, as well as dealing with any problems that arise. The minutes for the meeting were sent out Tuesday, so please reply if you didn’t receive them.
The earlier time this week’s update is to remind everyone about several exciting talks which will be happening very soon. The Ondari talk is happening tomorrow from 12-1 in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1101 (2405 Wesbrook Mall), the Ellen’t Hoen seminar is happening this Tuesday at 11am in Wood 5 (2194 Health Sciences Mall), and the Ramon-Garcia talk is also happening this Tuesday from 5:30 – 6:30 pm in Henry Angus Room 435. More information on each of these talks is below in the events section, and a calendar of both these and future events can be seen on the website. Posters for each event is also attached!
Upcoming events:

  • No meeting this week!
  • The next member learning event is this Tuesday.  We have the pleasure of hosting a talk by Dr. Santiago Ramon-Garcia, a post-doctoral fellow at UBC.  He is part of the Centre for Tuberculosis Research and a member of the Neglected Global Diseases Initiative here on campus.  This talk will be on Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 pm in Henry Angus Room 435. If you see one of our many awesome posters around campus be sure to point them out to your friends!
  • The NGDI is hosting a talk by Dr. Clive Ondari on November 2nd from noon-1:00pm in Pharm 1101. Dr. Ondari has worked to improve the global access to medicine through leading activities in the evaluation of the quality of malaria medications in developing countries and coordinating the development of the first comprehensive WHO guidelines on malaria treatment. He also successfully secured the commitment of, and supported, key manufacturers to produce newer antimalarials and national regulatory agencies to strengthen their control on the market for antimalarial medicines.
  • The UBC Dept. of Medicine will be hosting a talk by Ellen’t Hoen on the role of HIV in the policy making regarding pharmaceutical intellectual property. Hoen established the Medicines patent pool to accelerate the availability of low cost HIV treatments in developing countries through patent licensing, as well as holding the title of its Executive Director until June 2012. The talk will be this Tuesday at 11am in Wood 5.
  • We will be planing a social sometime at the end of November. Currently this will be a get together for all advocacy groups in order to both build interest for our winter conference as well as to get to know one another. We will come up with a concrete date soon!
Hope everyone can make it to at least one of these awesome talks!
Have a great weekend!

The UBC-UAEM Executive



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