November 9th Update

Hey everybody!

Glad to see everyone on Tuesday for the member learning event. We hope you found the talk by Dr. Santiago Ramon-Garcia to both informative and entertaining, and that it might have kindled some additional interest regarding neglected diseases and an aim of our club.

With the end of the term fast approaching, it is clear that the time until our winter conference is short. The conference, set to take place on January 26th, still needs to be worked on, and any help with ideas/planning/logistics/etc. would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to take a more involved role in the conference planning, shoot a message to one of the execs, or simply send us an email or facebook message!

Upcoming events

  • There will be a general meeting, Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm in Irving 261. In this meeting, we will have several of our members talk about their experiences at the Irvine conference, that was on just this last weekend. They’ll be providing us with valuable information learned at the conference about how to improve our club, and as well we as a club will be talking about the direction we will be moving in the coming weeks and next term.
  • Mark your calendars for November 27th! We will be hosting a social for social-advocacy clubs in order to strengthen the connections and networking between the clubs, and to raise awareness for our winter conference. More details will be finalized and announced at next week’s meeting.
One final thanks to everybody involved in UAEM, whether you joined this year, or are a long term member of UAEM, the work you have put in is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
Have a great weekend, and see you Tuesday!The UBC-UAEM Executive

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