January 26th Update

Hello everyone!

This week we had our first general meeting of the year, and several aspects of the conference were discussed, including which speakers to have, how to organize the conference, and how to get the word out. In addition, many of you have agreed to help the group in additional ways such as contacting speakers, and helping spread awareness. In case you forgot what you signed up for, details are included in the attached meeting minutes of the last email update that was sent out. If you need some help, feel free to reply back, and we can get some additional hands on the task.In addition, we could still use someone to:

  •  Make small announcements about the conference at the start of classes, and/or write up a little reminder on the chalkboards.
  • Contact various other student groups, and see if they can tell their members about the conference.
  • Contact other universities about the conference, e.g. SFU, UVic, see if word about the conference can be established on these campuses.
  • Make posters! Bonus points for being able to do basic graphic design!
Have a great weekend, and see you at the next meeting!
The UBC-UAEM Executive

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