February 6th Update

Hi everybody!

A very productive meeting last night as many of our to do items were completed. Again if you’re interested in helping on any of the to-do items please do send in an email, in particular we’re looking for a poster designer as we’re looking to put up posters soon. The minutes for the meeting has been posted below. A reminder next week’s exec meeting is in Irving 185.

A message to anyone who will be contacting execs from other clubs about our conference. An invitation draft has been drawn up and can be found here. And a message for all UBC-UAEM execs, if you could send in some info (email, maybe your major, or a short blurb about your involvement with UAEM) as well as a recent photo for the website, that would be appreciated.
UAEM  General Meeting: 
When: February 5th, 2013
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Where: IKBLC Room 261
Items completed:
– Created list of features which we expect to see on the poster.
– Contacted Rachel Kiddel-Moore and Maureen Mayhew.
– Drafted club exec letter
– Created a quick blurb on UBC-UAEM site.


– JJ: contact Ben Warren;
– Jeff: Continue site page for conference.
– Victoria: create google doc list of global health groups on campus that we need to confirm attendance for 20/20;
– Victoria/Majd: contact NGDi about funding/letter
– To-do (open): add Exec info to UBC-UAEM webpage; create twitter for conference and hashtag; find someone to design posters; advertise (responsibilities delegated at last meeting–see minutes).
Enjoy the rest of the week!


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