Meeting Minutes – September 17th, 2013

Meeting called to order at: 6:07 pm.


• Conference

o Updated to free attendance

o Keynote is Kishor Wasan

• Advertising

o Blurb written up to send to newsletters

o Posters will be printed Wednesday

o Contacted law and nursing.

• Speakers

o Waiting on confirmation from Dr. Ma

o Andrea will be doing a peer presentation.

• Catering

o Contacted Terra breads, Cupcakes


• Talked about the overview of the conference as an introduction

• Talked about advertisements

o Thunderclap’ – Friday (?)

o Talking in front of the class (Introduction from the professor may increase awareness.)

o Talk to any friends going to other universities – give/send posters.

o Ubyssey

• Catering

o Superstore?

• Social added on to conference.

o Near marine drive.

o Order pizza beforehand to get discount (and prevent hassle).

• Conference logistics

o Meet speakers in nearby parking lot.

o Kaiser door may be locked.

• Teach-In

o Will be about the TPP

o Will take place about a week after the conference.

• Donations at the door?

Meeting adjourned at: 7:14 pm


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