Petition Against The TPP

Hi everyone,

Recently our parters at MSF have introduced a petition against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), an agreement which will give pharmaceutical companies an even bigger stranglehold over the global drug supply. This is obviously not in accordance with what UBC-UAEM believes, and thus we urge all interested to sign their petition (link). More information from the petition’s site is included below.

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Carmen Jose-Panti from Mozambique is one of ten million HIV positive people in the world whose lives have been transformed by affordable treatment. “Before, my husband would come back from work and find me just lying in bed. But now that I am taking the medicines I can cook alone, I can wash, and I am running a small shop.”

Competition from generic drug companies has reduced the price of HIV drugs by a staggering 99 per cent to less than $140 per patient per year. This has given more HIV patients in the developing world—like Carmen—a chance not only to survive, but to lead meaningful lives.

But Canada is participating in international trade talks that could jeopardize what has already been achieved, and put the lives of millions of patients at risk.

Damaging intellectual property rules in the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) would give pharmaceutical companies longer monopolies over brand name drugs. Companies would be able to charge high prices for longer periods of time. And it would be much harder for generic companies to produce cheaper drugs that are vital to people’s health.

Many countries and treatment providers like Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) rely on affordable quality generic medicines to treat life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. We need to keep prices low so our patients — and millions of others still waiting for treatment in the developing world — can get the medicines they need.

Time is running out. The talks are scheduled to conclude this fall.

We need the Canadian government to reject damaging provisions that could make the TPP the most harmful trade pact ever for access to medicines. Please join MSF Canada in signing this petition, because medicines shouldn’t be a luxury.


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