Meeting Minutes – October 8th, 2013

Meeting adjourned at: 6:10 pm



  •        NONE




  • UAEM International Conference

o   At least 8 plan on attending, maybe more

o   Funding for conference?

§  UAEM international may do up to 75%

§  We can do fundraising to raise the remainder

·      Krispy Kreme, Japadog?


  • Conference Funding

o   Need receipts in order for the funding to deposit the money.


  •        Potential speakers for talks

o   Steve Morgan

o   Charles Larson

o   Dr. Coleman (or any M.D who’s free)

o   Dr. Garcia


  •        Global Health Initiative

o   Registration open, lots of opportunities


  •        International Development Drinks

o   Good way to interact with other people who are working on global development as well.


  •        Icebreaker/ Movie Screening

o   Free and paid, in order for membership to be of use/ raise funds.

o   Krispy Kremes

o   Movie? Fire in the Blood? Blood Relative, Pain Project.­­­-

o   Location: Global Lounge, Lahda?

o   Screening at VGH? (2nd screening)

o   Advertising

§  Posters, email profs (maybe they’ll drop a line in the class)

§  VGH, other hospitals.


o   22nd is one the campus, 24th is the one at VGH


  •        How to increase number of members/ event participants

o   More advertising?

o   Make events less information base, more fun?

o   Movie? Fire in The Blood? Blood Relative, Pain Project.


  •        Perhaps remove the teams, everyone collaborates.




  •        Research

o   Short introduction to Research Team, and what we can work on based on last year’s work.

o   Meeting every second Tuesday (that we don’t have general meeting).


  •        Communications

o   Take pictures.

o   Doesn’t really do much but stays in contact with international, other chapters

o   Updates website, FB, Twitter, website (it’s a one person job!)


  •        Advocacy

o   TPP – letter campaign, petitions, join event with other clubs

o   Collaboration with Friends of MSF – Mid-November Meeting.


  •        Member Learning

o   Organize talks, speeches

o   Last year worked on Bill C398 – CAMR reform



  •        Sneha – Check out the VGH room
  •        Contact whomever we need to contact in order to stream the movies.



Meeting adjourned at: 7:10 pm


Minutes submitted by: Jeffery Wasty



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