Meeting Minutes – October 13TH 2014

OCTOBER 8, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and midterm season!

Just a quick reminder that we will have our weekly meeting this Wednesday at Irving room 156 at 6pm.

As well, our new executive team:
VPI – Angela Fung
VPE – Lingxi Li
Media Officer – Jeffrey Wong
Pharmacy Communication Officer – Elaine Chang

Topic: E. bola

1. PowerPoint and YouTube video on Ebola provided by Sneha
a. Big Pharma companies are unwilling to provide medications and vaccines to countries
b. WHO announced the West African Ebola epidemic as a global health emergency 5
c. Many nurses walked off the job as a result of the high risk working conditions
d. International spreading of Ebola was present due to business people travelling from which they see no ‘business case’ for months after the first outbreak (inaccessibility to gowns/masks/gloves) country to country in West Africa widespread infection

2. Article discussion (Thank you Sneha for providing us with the articles and PowerPoint): “The
Ebola outbreak’s real cause: Letting industry drive the research agenda”
a. Ebola has occurred in some of the poorest countries on the planet, with the least health
b. Spread can be prevented by gloves/masks/gowns, but are unavailable in most of Africa
c. Big Pharma companies/private sector see no financial incentive to invest in a neglected
d. More money goes into fighting baldness and erectile dysfunction than Dengue or Ebola or people are uneducated/uninformed (no protocols set in place) disease which affects a relatively small number of people at a time

3. Discussion
a. Is it fair for these individuals to suffer because there are not enough deaths to concern anyone in developed countries (i.e. USA, Europe) and WHO?
i. Would the world react differently if, say, Germany experienced an Ebola outbreak?
b. There is no real demand for medications for Ebola, thus there is no supply (i.e. research  investment from Big Pharma)

4. Ideas on how can we contribute to this issue:
a. Advocacy and raising awareness to increase funding and donations
b. Contacting and reaching out to external organizations
c. Research: submit our thoughts on Ebola to several journals (e.g. PSSJ, NGDI, Global Heath Journal)

– The entire team will focus on the research aspect
– For next meeting (Wed. Oct 22): Everyone please find an article on Ebola and prepare a thesis statement/issue. We will be sharing and discussing these togethe


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