Pictures for Progress officially begins today! (Jan 10-20)


With a new year rings in a new advocacy campaign.  UBC UAEM would like to highlight the issue of inaccessibility to essential medications, let it be through cost concerns or mobility issues.   Inaccessibility can also be a complex issue too encompassing several factors such as drug policy, international patent laws and the lack of commitment from pharmaceutical companies to drug accessibility.

That being said, this is your chance to spread awareness of these issues by sending in an image or piece of artwork highlighting the problems of obtaining life saving medicines.  How?  You can submit by:

Posting to our Official Facebook Page “Pictures for Progress”
Emailing your pictures at
Tweeting @UBC_UAEM with #picsforprogress
and visiting our campaign website to learn more about what you can do!

We will also be at the AMS SUB on Monday (Jan 12). Get your pictures taken there in exchange for a succulent gourmet cupcake provided by Original Cupcakes on Broadway!




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