Update + Meeting Minutes – Feb 2 2015

Hello Everyone!

We will be holding a meeting this week 6-7 pm Wednesday at IKBLC.  We’ll continue working on the finer details of the worshop we’ll be holding and everyone is welcome to join in on the discussion.  See you there!

Club Updates

UBC-OMI Impact Lab Workshop
We will be hosting a workshop with OMI on March the 7th (Date and Location tentative).  This interactive workshop will highlight the themes of global healthcare inaccessibility issues in Canada.
Impact Lab Workshop Proposal
The proposal has been completed  and submitted by Jeremy.  Jeremy and Elaine attended the “How to build a workshop” workshop at Global Lounge last week.  Come to our meeting to gain access to the proposal document.
“Reflective Leadership and Ethical Advocacy”
We’ve delegated Imelda and Brian to attend this workshop which runs from 9:30 – 15:30 Feb 7th at Global lounge.  We encourage anyone else to join them to discuss global and ethical issues and share our club’s goals with other Global Lounge clubs.
Talon and Ubyssey Articles
A revised article has been sent to the Talon.  In addition the Ubyssey has agreed to write an article about our organization and the Pictures for Progress advocacy.
Meeting Minutes
Please find them here

Have a wonderful week,

Many important details about the workshop are included int he meeting minutes below.

UAEM Meeting Minutes (Jan 28, 2015) [PDF version]


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