TedXTerry Talks: “Mind The Gap: Access barriers from lab to patient care”


Our very own co-chair Angela Ji, and former co-chair Ling-Xi of UAEM will be presenting at this years TEDxTerry Talks this year at U.B.C.  Their presentation will be once again focusing on barriers in the various levels of health care and treatment research.  For more information, please read the information below.
`On Saturday, November 7th, there is nothing you will do that is more exciting and more interesting than parking yourself inside the Life Sciences Building. The Terry Projects presents, UBC’s very own TEDx conference, the TEDx Terry Talks. From fungal fornification to human relationships; we have left no disciplinary stones unturned. These stories will move you, they will make you laugh, make you shudder, entertain you, teach you, and above all, inspire you in a way that only a day-spent-with-400-of-UBC’s-incredible-thinkers-and-doers can.

On top of all that, we will also caffeinate you on multiple occasions and feed you lunch. So at $12 a ticket, this will not only be the most exciting and interesting that you will do on November 7th but also the most financially responsible.

For tickets and further details on the event, please take a short trip over to our Eventbrite page. Get them and get them now, because they will sell out.

Click here for more info.

Our line up for this year’s talks. Find anything that intrigues you?


Nirel Marofsky – “Polyamory: Changing The Way We Think About Relationships”

Jennine Punzalan – “The Privilege of Campus Involvement”

Lingxi Li and Angela Ji – “Mind The Gap: Access barriers from lab to patient care”

Rhoda Philip – “Say yes to fate but beat all the odds”

Samia Khan – “Social Media: Too Much of A Good Thing?”

Miguel Rozo – “On how an immigrant’s resilience does not end with migration.”

Malaika Kapur and Kuzi Mutonga – “Changing the African Conversation: Ke Nako (It’s time!)”


Sean McCotter – “Sex, Smuts, Molds and Mushrooms: An Exposé of Fungal Fornication”


Joanna Ludlow – “How to sail to Alaska in 3 easy steps”


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