Introductory Seminar 2008

Date: Saturday September 27, 20082008 seminar attendees
Time: 9:30am – 2:00pm
Place: 2750 Heather St. (at 12th Avenue), Vancouver, BC

This annual event provides a comprehensive introduction to crucial global health topics such as drug development, patenting, and access to treatment, whether you’d like to get involved, or are simply interested in learning more about these important issues.


1. Introduction: inequalities in health and health care

presented by Goldis Chami

2. The development pipeline and neglected diseases

presented by Eugene Wang

3. Intellectual property and access to medicines

presented by Shannon Turvey

4. Potential solutions: introduction to UAEM

presented by Cecily Morgan-Jonker

5. UAEM’s international advocacy

presented by Shahla Yekta

UAEM at UBC 6. UAEM at UBC and SFU

presented by Stephanie Gatto

Mike enjoying some free handouts


cfms1Special thanks

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