Spring 2013 Global Health Conference

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Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM) UBC Chapter is holding a Global Health Conference open to the general public on March 16th at St. John’s College on the UBC campus, as a part of Celebrate Research Week, with Dr. Julio Montaner as the conference’s keynote speaker! This conference will be a way for students and faculty interested in global health to learn more on the subject and will also provide a forum to generate discussion on the variety of subjects related to global health.

More specifically the conference aims to:

1. Strengthen the access to medicines movement in Canada by;

  • allowing students from British Columbia (and potentially Alberta) to have the opportunity to attend the conference and learn how the successes in applying socially responsible licensing practices to technologies can inform work at their own institutions;
  • including educational sessions on current topics in the access to medicines field;
  • providing Global Health groups throughout the Lower Mainland with a forum to voice their work, opinions, and accomplishments;
  • creating a cohesive network of students mobilized for change in global health;
  • building momentum for a larger Canadian UAEM conference in 2013-2014.

2.  Increase public awareness of the access to medicines crisis, and showcase the importance of new research on neglected diseases;

  • Canadian public sector research institutions have the opportunity to advance global health by equitably licensing their inventions and choosing to invest in neglected disease research.  Building a strong base of support from the public will allow this vision to be realized.

Our schedule is as follows:

08:30-09:00 – Registration

09:00-09:50 – Introductions and opening keynote by Dr. Patricia Gabriel

10:00-10:45 – Global Health 20×20 presentations


10:50-11:00 – Coffee Break

12:00-13:00 – Lunch (provided)

11:00-11:50 – Presentation on Global Health and Advocacy by Dr. Ashnoor Nagji

13:00-13:45 – Presentation on Communications by Dr. Peter Klein

14:45-15:30 – Global Health and Research presentation by Dr. Kishor Wasan

14:00-14:45 – Open Space (participant-facilitated discussion)

15:30-17:15 – Closing Keynote and Remarks by Dr. Julio Montaner

17:30-20:00 – Social at the Global Lounge (next to St. John’s College)                    Dr. Julio Montaner    

We would like to have a general approximation as to the number of people attending, so if possible, please register on our Eventbrite page. You may also check out Facebook page, or our Conference’s Twitter, for more information. A reminder that their is no registration fee, and food, as well as refreshments, will be provided.


Dr. Patricia Gabriel


Dr. Ashnoor Nagji


Dr. Kishor Wassan


Dr. Peter Klein


One response to “Spring 2013 Global Health Conference

  1. Passionate about something related to global health and want to share it with tonnes of other people? If you are, we’re still looking for a few more people to present during our 20×20 event during the conference – essentially, you’ll have 20 slides and each slide will be shown for 20 seconds each (making for a whirlwind presentation style!) If you’re interested in presenting, let us know!

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