Media Coverage


Students doing right by making medicine accessible to the developing world. Dave Ng.  BoingBoing.  December 2010.
This article describes the role of university student activism in making antiretrovirals universally accessible, and was published to mark World AIDS Day.

Case Study #14: Global Access License Between University and Biotech Benefits Developed and Developing World. David Perilstein. Case Studies for Global Health, pp.94-98.  October 2009.
UBC’s experience with global access licensing is discussed in detail in a book of case studies assembled by the Gates Foundation, AUTM, TDR, and others.

New funding to study neglected global diseases. Brian Lin. UBC Reports: June 4, 2009, p3.
An article on a UBC professor’s success in attracting new funding for drug research for neglected diseases at UBC.

Push to link medical research innovations to public good. Ann Silversides. Canadian Medical Association Journal: Vol 180(11), p.1097, May 26, 2009.
An update on developments towards global access licensing by Canadian universities, and the progress made at an April 2009 access-to-medicines conference in Toronto.

Working for a good clause: Canadian university negotiates global access licensing deal for a drug reformulation that could save thousands of lives. Association of University Technology Managers. Better World Project 2009 report, pp.57-60. March 2009.
AUTM, an association of technology transfer professionals, publishes this annual report on how technology transfer is improving the world.

Antifungal fight. Elie Dolgin. The Scientist: February 2009, pp.20-21.
An article on Dr. Kishor Wasan’s ongoing work with Amphotericin B: the backstory, the science, and the approach to licensing.

Leashing Leishmaniasis. Frontier: Fall/Winter 2008, pp.9-10.
Frontier is the biannual publication of the UBC VP Research Office.

UBC shares technology with the poor. Peggy Berkowitz. University Affairs: August-September 2008.
University Affairs is a Canadian magazine on higher education.

University of British Columbia is Latest to Adopt Global Access Licensing Ideology. Biotech Transfer Week. June 04, 2008.
An interview with UILO Managing Director Angus Livingstone on UBC’s experience with developing and implementing their global access principles.

Sharing the wealth: UBC devises a plan to share drug revenue. Don Cayo. Diplomat and International Canada: May-June 2008.
An article on UBC’s global access strategy and their first finalized global access license.

Interview with Dr. Kishor Wasan about UBC’s global access program. (Radio) Lorn Curry. CBC-Radio Canada International: The Link. March 10, 2008.

UBC joins fight for global access to health care. Claire Biddiscombe. The Charlatan: January 25, 2008.
An article on UBC’s new global access policy and the role of the UBC UAEM chapter in its development, in the Carleton University student newspaper.

Idea #5: Cheap Meds for the World’s Poor. Rob Annandale. The Tyee: December 21, 2007.
An article on the work of the UBC UAEM chapter. Part 5 of 12 in a series on important new ideas for 2008.

Drugs for the Masses. Ellen Schwartz. Trek Magazine: December 21, 2007, pp.29-31.
An article on UBC’s global access strategy in the official university magazine.

East Van student earns Rhodes Scholarship. Chad Skelton. Vancouver Sun: December 7, 2007, p.B7.
An article on founding UBC-UAEM member Emma Preston and her work to improve the health of poor populations everywhere.

Drug could be godsend for poor countries. Don Cayo. Vancouver Sun: July 19, 2007, p.C2.
An article on UBC’s draft global access strategy.

UBC invites feedback on first-in-Canada license plan. Jessica Smith. Metro News: July 18, 2007, p.04.
An article on UBC’s draft global access strategy.

Students, scientists push for access to drugs in developing world. Ann Silversides. Canadian Medical Association Journal: Vol 176(7), p.914, March 27 2007.
An article on the work of UAEM’s Canadian chapters, including our own.

UBC Students Work to Increase Third-World Access to Essential Medicines. Belinda Schubert. Think Equity: Vol 3(1), p.3, Winter 2007.
An article on the history and accomplishents of UBC-UAEM. Think Equity is a publication of UBC’s Access & Diversity and Equity Offices.

AMS Supports Essential Medication. Yalin Lin. The Ubyssey: Vol 88(1), p.1, August 2 2006.
An article in UBC’s main student paper on the Alma Mater Society of UBC’s support for the UAEM cause.

Press Releases

UBC-UAEM, February 3, 2009: A Call to Canadian Universities to Step Up on Global Access to Medicines

UBC Public Affairs, May 13, 2008: UBC Global Access Agreement With iCo Therapeutics Offers Oral Drug To Help Millions In Developing World

UBC Public Affairs, December 6, 2007: UBC Rhodes Scholar Boosts Global Access to University-Patented Medicine

UBC Public Affairs, December 5, 2007: UBC Pledges Developing World Access to New Technologies