Our Members


Viktor Kalashnikov – Co-Chair

Hello and welcome! UAEM is an AMS Club


that offers students from all walks of life and backgrounds an opportunity to:

  • Attain an expanded awareness of global issues surrounding drug licensing (lack of affordability of essential drugs for endemic diseases e.g. TB, Chagas, Sleeping Sickness etc.)

  • Develop a sense of responsibility for- and foster one’s ability to articulate issues pertinent to the accessibility of healthcare

  • Connect, network and go Global by attending, hosting, planning and organizing awareness campaigns (e.g. Pics4Progress, community outreach initiatives, Global Lounge Events)

We welcome any and all UBC students who are curious and are willing to develop their leadership, communication, and public-speaking capabilities!

Willie Bao, Co-Chair 40534_101462503248773_3751564_n

Willie inspires students to be more inquisitive and reflective about their university experience. About me: Willie is currently in her 2nd year of the Entry-to-Practice PharmD program offered at UBC.



Cam Booth, Treasurer: Hey I am Cam, I am in my 2nd year of the PharmD program. I became involved with UAEM a year ago, and in the process I have broadened my knowledge of rare, endemic diseases and the larger issues surrounding the lack of transparency in the drug-licensing process.


Manmeet Sahota, Secretary: I am in my 3rd year of the BSc Pharmacy program, and I love sparking up conversations with strangers roaming Vancouver streets – particularly when they have wisdom to offer.


Eunbin (조은빈): “I am a 2nd year E2P PharmD student joining UAEM this year. I’m very excited to engage and learn more about global issues concerning access to essential healthcare and neglected diseases, and what we can do moving forward.”

Krishtha (left, below):  Before I started my pharmacy degree I would watch those advertisements about children in developing countries not getting access to clean drinking water, food, and shelter and I was outraged that something so essential to life, wasn`t being given to those in need. After starting my pharmacy degree, I saw that it`s the same situation with medications and medial facilities. I joined UAEM because I believe everyone should have equal access to healthcare and I`d like to do something about that.


emily-wongEmily (Right): I am a 2nd year PharmD student and I live for London fog(s?) and everything related to London fog. I became a part of UAEM because I’ve always had a curiosity for what it’s like “on the other side”. What is it like for someone who needs medical attention, or medication but has no one to turn? What is it like to not even have the option of medication because it is not available? The prevalence of disease is ever-growing in less fortunate countries so I joined UAEM to be a part of their initiative to create solutions in this global issue and to improve the accessibility of medication for those who really need it.