Pictures for Progress

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Pictures for Progress 

Pictures for Progress is an advocacy campaign to raise awareness about medication inaccessibility. Cost concern is of course one aspect that pops up right away – but there’s more to the issue than that. Medication inaccessibility can also relate not being able to purchase medication in one area of a country or one country of the world. It can be as simple as not being able to physically make it to a pharmacy to obtain your medication – as is the case with many grandmas and grandpas of the world.

With an abundance of pharmacy students on our team, one of our goals is to be a link between pharmacists and the public, and show you how you can better afford your medication. As well, we want to connect you to variousdeclarations and projects that are addressing this issue should you wish to act beyond participating in this project.

However, it should be noted that accessibility to healthcare does not stand alone as a single topic. Inaccessibility is a complicated issue whose roots stem from the repercussions of the current drug research and development model, health policies, patent laws, knowledge dissemination issues, pharmaceutical industry values, among many other factors.

As incentive for participation, we will be giving out prizes to the visual with the most number of likes, views, and/or shares. The winner will receive $200 worth in camera equipment or art supplies along with a customized fleece jacket. Further prizes for runner-ups are currently pending as we wait for grant approvals.


Pictures for Progress is an event held by a small group of students who are a part of the UBC chapter of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM).  UAEM is an international student group that aims to achieve equitable access to life-saving drugs by making them affordable and to promote research in neglected diseases. To learn more about this organization, please click here.


This project is proudly funded by the UBC Alma Mater Society. We are truly grateful for their support.

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